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Encourage Responsible Holiday Behavior in your Patients

By: Dr.Chelsia Bhatti The Holiday season of 2020 is going to be like no other holiday time in history that any of us has ever experienced. COVID-19 started many months ago, and unfortunately, we have entered a resurgence of COVID cases across the country recently-and this time it is everywhere, not just in pockets. In

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Implement Telehealth into your Medical Practice (Part 1)

To many clinicians, just the term “telemedicine” brings on a collective groan. How can adding more technology to your medical practice be a great thing? After all, implementing and utilizing EMR’s in the practice for many was a headache, and for some, still is. But creating telemedicine as a service line in your practice will

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Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing an Electronic Health Records System

Electronic medical records system - AIE Medical

Electronic health records (EHR) have been fully established in the U.S. medical system since 2008, but surprisingly there has been a very slow adoption of fully integrated EHR systems in practice in both primary care settings and within hospitals. For those who have invested in EHR, physicians report high levels of satisfaction and confidence in

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What is a Patient-centric Practice? | AIE Medical Management

Going to see the doctor can be a very scary proposition for many patients. It has been proven that it is common for patients to experience anxiety over a doctor’s visit. Why? It really boils down to a fear of getting bad news, since individuals tend to typically only go to the doctor when they

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