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What COVID-19 has taught us about Outsourcing Medical Practice Services

As tradition always had it, workers would clock in at their jobs at 9am and clock out at 5 pm. Sometimes, there would be instances in which the employees would be required to come into work early or stay late. With the advent of technology, however, the world evolved and came closer together. People were able to work from home, meetings became virtual, the choice of excellent quality staff suddenly broadened since you no longer had to look for people who worked in the vicinity of your office. Still, up till this point, in the medical landscape, many providers have been hesitant to having staff work offsite, citing many reasons like “how can data remain secure and HIPAA adhered to?” Or “How can you monitor staff offsite and make sure they are productive? Isn’t it better to have your staff in the practice itself so you can “pop in” to their office anytime you have a question or concern?” These are valid concerns, and having to manage offsite staff can actually end up being a headache and costing a lot more money in the long run, because the truth is, you really can’t measure someone’s productivity when they are working at an hourly rate outside the office.

This is where Medical Practice Outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing your work to a dedicated medical management company with extensive experience of all practice related processes, whether it be full medical office management or only certain segments of it, like medical transcription, medical billing/coding and revenue cycle management, patient scheduling, virtual medical scribe or contracting services allows you and your clinical staff to focus on what you do best, and the management company can work and optimize the processes of your office that they are best at. The added bonus is that good medical management companies do not work at an hourly rate, but rather at a percentage of the collections that they bring. In terms of medical transcription, they will charge per line.

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, many practices have been hit with many staff members getting sick or taking time off to care for sick children or family members. Many patients have decided to cancel non-mandatory appointments, causing unnecessary staff overhead burden. Many offices have had to close due to buckling under financial pressure. Those offices that are still thriving are having to deal with staff being put at risk of the illness every time they step into the office. Outsourcing medical practice services are now being redefined as not just an option, but as a necessity in this changing landscape. By keeping mandatory staff in the office and allowing a management company to handle the segments of your practice that can be performed outside, you are not only mitigating the risk of spread of infection amongst your staff and community, but you are also putting yourself in a better financial position to weather this storm and any other storm that may come in the future. When you outsource your medical services to a management company, the work will always be done and the metrics met. You don’t have to worry about staff taking leave or getting sick and letting the work pile up. You don’t have to worry about keeping on top of all the ever-changing advances in healthcare rules and regulations that will affect your bottom line. Your management team is your expert that keeps on top of these things and uses that knowledge to maximize your practice bottom line. You don’t have to worry about HIPAA and data security since your management company guarantees HIPAA compliance and data security. You don’t have to worry about expensive employee overhead when you hire a management team, since, as stated above, good management companies will charge a percentage, and not be paid hourly. In a nutshell, you will experience excellent service by a team of professionals whose job it is to make your practice run like a finely tuned machine- whether all is going well with the world or if we are embroiled in chaos all around.

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Dr. Chelsia Bhatti
Dr. Chelsia Bhatti

Chelsia Bhatti, MBBS is a physician and has focused her career on helping healthcare organizations run more efficient and profitable businesses. She brings both the clinical and management experience and expertise in helping healthcare organizations.