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Coding Automation Toolkit

Coding Automation Toolkit

Contact us for how this medical coding automation toolkit product can decrease your in house labor, decrease processing times, and increase accuracy.

We created our Coding Automation Toolkit to seamlessly extract and convert text from any medical document into any billing-ready format with precision and accuracy to ensure you don’t have to spend that much time proof reading and making those time-consuming corrections. The inserted billing ready format codes included are:

  • ICD-9
  • ICD-10
  • CPT
  • RXNORM and more…

Benefits of signing up for the Coding Automation Toolkit:

  • Efficient and more productive billing and coding time cycles.
  • Accurate and consistent workflow due to seamless automation.
  • Accurate and improved claim submissions.
  • Faster revenue cycle.
  • Compliance with HIPAA’s Meaningful Use are met.
  • Data can be gathered for improvement, audits, and or training.

Having our toolkit for your practice has a lot of benefits that would drive towards a faster turnaround time and better productivity. Billing and coding time will drastically cut down and claim submissions are noticeably improved due their accuracy through automation. You’ll also notice faster turnaround times for submitted claims, and, an improved revenue cycle. Compliance to the HIPAA's Meaningful use are also ensured to be met through the organized and structured presentation of processed data throughout the automation process. An analytical dashboard is also made available for users.

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