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Customized for your professional needs, our medical management solutions are created with one goal in mind, and that is to solve every medical professional’s administrative, billing, and support problems. We provide solutions that help streamline your revenue cycle for faster turnarounds with minimal errors.

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AIE Medical Management is uniquely positioned to help you improve your financial performance. Whether it’s compliance, multiple payer contracts, Medicare regulations, shrinking reimbursements, escalating costs, or keeping up with coding requirements…your practice is under constant pressure. We understand the pressures healthcare providers face and we bring the experts, processes and technology to help you overcome these challenges.


Our comprehensive medical billing service helps you reduce your fixed expenses, while gaining access to our staff of revenue cycle specialists whose sole focus is optimizing your revenue. Using advanced technology; that queues the work, applies edits; to catch errors early in the process, and keeps cycle time to a minimum, we provide a process that is proven to provide optimal, prompt reimbursement.

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