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BREAKING NEWS: New CPT Codes for COVID-19 Vaccine Just Released

As we learned earlier this week, there has been a push for approval from the FDA for emergency use of a COVID vaccine. On the heels of the news, the AMA announced new CPT codes for each of the two COVID vaccines as well as administration codes for each vaccine. Releasing the CPT codes ahead

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Revenue Cycle (not Revenue Linear) Cash Goals

Revenue cycle management

I have encountered phrases over and over again such as revenue is down from last month or February is a bad month. I’m going challenging both of these concepts with insights as to the revenue cycle. After all, it’s called revenue cycle and not revenue linear.  In reviewing financial performance I have seen many organizations

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Revenue Cycle Management service by AIE Medical Management

Revenue cycle management - AIE Medical Management

Are you drowning in unpaid patient bills? Are you sick of focusing on how much your patients have paid on their bills instead of what medical treatment will best serve them? As the head of your practice, you have to ensure that you’re making money to pay the bills but you may be wishing you

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